How to start a Gym Business

Gym Business: Listen! Today, we will be discussing How to start a Gym Business in Nigeria. Many people in Nigeria go to the gym on a daily basis to work out and keep physically fit. This rising trend has many advantages, particularly when you think about the concept of starting a fitness and health business.

Nigerians are aware that they have to flex and also stretch out their muscles regularly. Therefore, investing as well as starting a fitness business can certainly be a good option. If you don’t have an understanding of the business plan, below are several business ideas to help you.

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Gym BusinessGym BusinessGym Business

Types of Gym Businesses

There are two types of Gym/Fitness Services

Personal training

Personal trainers work one on one with clients to create fitness plans specific to their clients’ needs. The trainer coaches the client through strength training to get the most out of workouts.

As a personal trainer, you may decide to run your fitness business from your home. You may have to travel to clients’ homes. Additionally, you may have to meet them at a specific fitness and exercise center.

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Fitness instruction

Fitness instructors guide groups through a variety of classes, including aerobics, kickboxing, step and strength training.

If this is your desired approach, choose one or more classes you are comfortable with. To start a business in fitness instruction, you must have a facility where you can teach your group class.

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Steps to Startup a Gym Business in Nigeria

Get For Yourself a Unique Business name

Select something creative, a simple, short and easy pronunciation. Note, if your name is easy to recall, it will be easier to establish. It will also be easy to maintain and grow you client base.


Make clear the purpose and mission of your business. In essence, the financial aspects of what you want your business to achieve should not be waved aside. Don’t forget you are setting up a fitness center in order to achieve some goals and objectives.

Marketing methodology

Evaluate your target market for the area you anticipate working in. This will determine how you will contact your coveted customer base. It will also indicate what you will offer that will make them pick you over different contenders.

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Choose what you will charge clients/customers. Also determine what kind of agreement or duty you will require.


Put your advert on vital locations. Also, remember your advert and your business name represents you.

Gym department

The establishment of a fitness center also includes the gym aspect.  If your business plan involves setting up a fitness center or gym, then you will be responsible for managing an entire facility.

If you are hiring personal trainers and fitness instructors, you will need to buy gym equipment.

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Financial Plan

Do a careful count of what your start-up capital costs, marketing charges, advert charges and month-to-month costs to be.

Also, prepare a project income analysis, listing what you hope to acquire when you initially begin. Also, if you anticipate that it will get after some time, then settle on the gym equipment to buy. Start your business, using your fitness business plan as your guide

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Choose a decent area for your Gym business

Choosing a decent place to construct a gym business is essential. This is to ensure you have a place available to the individuals who need to work out and utilize fitness equipment.

Typically, densely populated business focuses; focusing on the developing middle class. They have and understand the need to stay in shape and can manage the cost of the expenses.

You would locate this conceivable to put your gym business in areas that are available and observable to the target market like near the shopping centers and furthermore schools. Being able to choose a decent place can help you get a ton of customers that will make utilization of your fitness facilities.

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Choose high-quality gym facilities and better services

Currently, a lot of gym businesses and provide similar services you have. Therefore, it is good for you if you are able to stay ahead of them by providing your customers modern and superior gym equipment as well as facilities. Some of the equipment you should use in your gym are as follows;

  1. Bike
  2. elliptical machine
  3. stepper
  4. treadmill machine
  5. home gym
  6. multi-function trainer
  7. rubberized flooring
  8. weight benches

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You can visit the internet about the latest gym equipment to know if the facilities that you are planning to buy are in demand to the needs of your customers.

Furthermore, you can also consider to give more services that can target the needs and interest of your customers.

For instance, offer your customers stress management as well as job program classes that they might be interested to take part.

You can also give them the alternative to request for pop or perhaps rock music to play while exercising.

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Offer promos and packages

This is a strategy use to step up your gym. It attracts people to exercise in your gym. It will be helpful to provide special packages, promos, giveaways.

Also, provide fitness business cards to make them more interested to exercise. Offering your customers big discounts for recommending other gym enthusiasts.

It helps in increasing the number of customers that will patronize your business. Exercise keeps your body healthy and better in order to face life with a better aptitude. With this kind of business, many Nigerians will be benefitted about its result.

Business operations: keep records of daily activities and expenses.

Personnel:  Hire any staff you might need to run your fitness business.

Market your business in order to increase your customer base.

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There are the List of Gym Business Equipment Needed and their Prices

Chrome dumbbell 4.0kg                                                                                N4,000

Elliptical Orbitrac with seat                                                                          N32,000

Magnetic Bike                                                                                                    N35,000

Elliptical Orbitrac with seat and stepper,

Round dumbbell 20kg                                                                                    N12,000

Jump Rope                                                                                                          N1,000

Motorized Treadmill with massager, twister and Dumbell               N120,000

Manual Treadmill                                                                                             N70,000 

Stepper Board                                                                                                   N2,000 

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You are not only a boss of your own but you have also created employment. Above all, you are helping some people to live healthy and maintain good body shapes likewise you too.

All these gym equipment can be acquired through and other online marketing channels. Follow these guidelines carefully and you will surely succeed in this business with your devoted time and concentration.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do 

  1. I just got a place that I want to use for biz, so far I have been able to itemized about six businesses that can kick off in the place, setting up a gym business is among the six business

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