How to Start Keke Napep Business

Keke Napep Business: Thinking of starting a business in Nigeria today. I introduce to you another secretes to financial freedom. So, today, the topic for discussion is how to start Keke Napep business in Nigeria.

Keke Napep Business in Nigeria is one part of transportation business that is making waves right now. As the number of people in Nigeria continue growing daily. The need to transport people from one place to the next is also on the increase.

The transportation measures taken by governments don’t seem to have any failures. Proof of inadequate transport mediums like bus stop and rail stations.

For example, it is always common to spot individuals hanging on buses and Train, and other transport medium around the axis of Lagos state. This is as a result of few transportation medium around.

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Keke Napep Business:
Keke Napep Business

Keke Napep Business:

The people experiencing this situation don’t have joy nor do they have fun doing it or taking chances with their lives.

Imagine the need to return home is difficult when they think or consider the risk to be taken hanging in a vehicle or bus.

But never to worry, am going to show you how to start Keke Napep business in Nigeria.

But to be frank, Nigerian government does not have what it takes to balance the shortage in the transportation framework.

As such, numerous organizations have attempted one way or the other to sort this out.

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Keke Napep Business: A Case Study of Lagos State, Nigeria.

For example, when the Lagos state government commenced BRT in 2008, individuals in Lagos thought that there have been answers to their transport issues at last.

However, that measure has helped to lessen the negative effect of poor transport framework to a certain degree. Even with this measure put in place. The BRT transports cover just few significant regions of Lagos, most especially Mainland Island regions.

Now the question one needs to ask is: – What about those whose businesses are not located or close to the BRT axis? Will they depend on private transport vehicles to archive their goals at the end of the day?

The responses to this question is yes.

Because of the present economic circumstance is not urging many to get their own particular ride.

Many people rely on upon Privately worked business vehicles to move from one road to the next.

What’s more, this where Keke Napep Business becomes possibly the most important factor.

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Keke Napep Business:

The Evolution/History Of Keke Napep Business In Nigeria

President Olusegun Obasanjo brought in Keke Napep enterprise in Nov 6, 2002 in Nigeria. As parts of his poverty alleviation scheme.

From that angle now, it has turned into a process of livelihood to people as the can now feed their self and their family likewise.

In the circumstance where many state governments saw the need to ban the use of Okada (business motorcycle) Keke Napep turned into a more secure option.

Nigerian youth (a large portion of the graduates) have gotten into Keke Napep business.

The simple reason is that it gives them better option of not staying in their houses.

Moreover, it gives any individual who is ready, the ground to put resources into this lucrative business of transportation.

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Keke Napep Business:

How Does Keke Napep Business Work In Nigeria? How To Get into The Business:

Buy Your Tricycle:

The cost of Purchase of Keke Napep in nigeria is about N900,000.

Register Your Tricycle:

what follows is to get your Tricycle registered.

You have to pay your Tricycle operators registration fee in the Keke Napep association with N10,000. This price could fluctuate from to town to town.

So, try to find out what applies in your town. The first port

What follows after buying your Keke Napep is to get your Tricycle registered.

You have to pay your Tricycle operators registration fee in the Keke Napep association with N10,000.

This price could fluctuate from to town to town.

So, try to find out what applies in your town.

The first port of call however, when it comes to business registration is the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, CAC.

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Keke Napep Business:

Renting Your Tricycle:

You might want to rent your tricycle if you can’t purchase one on your own.

Renting of Keke Napep could be at the cost of N1.2million.

You can pay for your Keke Napep or the tricycle Week by week.

Installment of 15,000 for the length of 10 months.

Take Note: Terms and some conditions may apply.

You may work out something like agreeing on something between you and your contract buyer.

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Keke Napep Business:

Why Join Tricyce (Keke Napep) Operators Association?

Registration and joining of the tricycle group of company will grant you some level of benefits such as security.

Now, going back to the renting aspect of tricycle, it is your obligation to make satisfactory discoveries about your contract buyer.

It’s much better to ask people around about him to be sure you both have a healthy level of trusts.

The way people are behaving today has made has made people not to recognize and distinguish the good dealer or customer from the other.

You might have such feelings. If not, do not wait any longer.

Then, begin with one, I will suggest and recommend tricycle for you to start with because its highly lucrative.

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Make More Money Renting Keke Napep Tricycle:

How it works will help you to decide if to go rent one or not.

However, it is highly productive to purchase as many quantities as your hands can carry to purchase, since that will give room for long term profits.

Case study, if you rent 5 Tricycles at the cost of six hundred and fifty thousand naira (N650.000).

Your will be making massive benefits in a year estimated to be around one million-two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N1,250,000).

Keke Napep Business:

Now, Pay Close Attention to this:

This business of Keke Napep Business in Nigeria.

Depends on what is tenable in the part of Nigeria where you reside.

The scope of this this article, depends also on the time frame as at when it was written.

Other states have may however, pose slight changes in business operations and turnovers.

Doing It Without Anyone Elses Help: How Thrift Societies Can Help You

If you are the person handling the machine yourself, the outcome will motivate you to work hard and earn more.

Now on a daily basis, you could make from N3-6000 depending on the daily turn out of travelers in your zone.

There are also different charges outside the N5000 registration fee.

You are required to pay to the Association N400 – N1000 every day, known as (owo itaa) some portion of the cash goes into government accounts.

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Keke Napep Business:

Be Prudent in Business

The fee is modest, the roads are really accessible.

Now note this, N1,000 fuel could take you for the entire day if your carburetor is good enough.

Keep in mind, support is the way to achievement when you are utilizing Keke Napep.

You effectively make N5,000 every day with your Tricycle since you are piloting it yourself.

This implies, that you will make about N150,000 every month after removing the expenditure.

In a year, you are discussing N1.5 million at most.

You can choose to keep doing this business every year or picke something else to do and earn a living.

Once you are established in this business.

You can now shoot out your tentacles in investing in other business from your tricycle business.

So that is How to start Keke Napep business .

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Keke Napep Business:

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do 

  1. Am interested in the keke nappe business I want one for myself and my family,I live in igbogbo ikorodu Lagos state,I want it installmental

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