Top Ten Businesses You Can Start With Small Capital

Top Ten Businesses You Can Start With Small Capital


Top Ten Businesses You Can Start With Small Capital | There are a lot of businesses to start with small capital in Nigeria. In this tart with small article, I will be discussing on the top ten businesses you can start with small capital in Nigeria. May I inform you that education is not a guarantee to succeed in business however; after all there are a good number of drops out, the world over, who have made head way in life particularly, in the business world. Let me also inform you that there is no job anywhere, every year, students are graduating out of colleges into the labour market, yet there is no job anywhere. Therefore, small scale business is the way out. But let me ask; are you really ready to start a business with small capital in Nigeria? I want you to answer yes or no. but if your answer is yes, then here are the top ten businesses you can do with just a little capital.

Businesses you can start today with small capital:

  • Storing of palm oil to sell later: You can store palm oil in drums or in tanks at the peak seasons, and resell them when the peak season is off. Starting this business is a good idea, and palm oil storage is a lucrative business, you only need small capital to start this business. What is important in this business is that, you need information, and the right information on where, how and when to buy palm oil for storage.
  • Quail bird production: Quail production is an aspect of poultry farming, and it has health advantage. This bird lay eggs just like other types of poultry birds, the different with quail birds is that, quail and their eggs are not common. It is also common fact that quail meat and eggs have cured different types of diseases, about thirty diseases and more. Producing quail is six times better than and profitable than producing chicken because of its demand; occasioned by its health benefits and you can start this farming with just a small capital.

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  • Training services: Training services is a lucrative business because lack of job has changed people interest, and have redirecting their interest into skill acquisition and proficiency or professional training in order to have what to make for a living. Though it is a money spinning business, you can start it with small capital.
  • Phone accessories business: Selling of phone accessories, though a good number of persons are into this business, people are not fully tapped the potential of phone accessories business. However, starting this business, you need proper information about the business, consult persons who have been in the business before, and you are standing a chance of gaining enormous information about the business. The business is lucrative and it does not require much money to start it.
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  • Catering business: Food is a necessity for man, and will ever remained the source of good health, strength and energy to man. In view of this fact, the demand for food has been on the high side, and so catering business, for example, outdoor catering business has been another profitable business that you can start with small money.
  • Business center: Starting business center is a good idea, and it is one of the businesses you can start with small capital, no, I am serious, just with small money, you can start a business center and business center business now a days is profitable. Should you interested in starting business center business, what I will advise you is to provide yourself with the following facilities; desk top computer system with a printer, canning machine, photocopying machine, papers and stapler among other facilities. And you need a minimum of four to five hundred thousand naira to set up a business center. From there you can grow your business to whichever level you wish including cyber café.

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  • Tutorial center: We are living in the information age, and a lot of people need knowledge to start or stay in business, while others particularly, in colleges need tutorial to excel in their academic pursuit, therefore establishing tutorial center to impart knowledge is a lucrative business. This tutorial center does not need huge amount of money to start the business, either you decide to run the business yourself, or you hire people who are good in these areas, and are sound to help grow your business. All what you need is a little start-up capital to start tutorial center.
  • Video coverage/photography coverage: Video and photography coverage business is a lucrative business in Nigeria, and you can start this business with small capital. Your major job in this business is to go out and cover events, where you can snap and take pictures and video the event, possibly, you can hire some helping hands, and you should be going out to source for businesses, get clients who will be inviting you to cover events both within your neigbourhood and outside your neigbourhood. Such events to be covered include; birth day parties, shows, wedding ceremonies, social functions among other events. Video and photography coverage business is not a type of business that can take the whole of your time and energy, the only thing you need do is to be social, be a friend, and you will have friends that will patronize your business anytime, any day.

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  • Detergent business: Everybody wash and you need detergent to wash and stay clean, your clothes, households’ equipments, infact, anything washable. However, for this business to thrive, you need experience, just little knowledge of chemistry, and your little capital can start the business for you. Please, let me advice that you need this knowledge. Make enquiries, and do some research, learn the business if you must succeed at it. If you must go into this business, you should obtain permission, register your business with relevant authorities and collect all the necessary papers that will allow you run the business. Detergent business is one of the lucrative businesses, but you can start it with small capital.

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  • Rental services business: Rental services business is lucrative, because celebrations, parties, funeral services and other events that patronized rental services business will not come to a stop; this however, has made the demand of this business high, where people make a lot of money in the business and it is a business you can start with small capital.

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