Tacoma Rescue Mission: What to Expect

Tacoma rescue mission: If you’ve ever been curious about what it might be like to spend the night in a homeless shelter, now is your chance. The Tacoma Rescue Mission opens its doors every year on Super Bowl Sunday as part of the city-wide “Tacoma Unsheltered” initiative. Anyone is welcome to spend the night there and see what this unique shelter has to offer. Here’s what you need to know if you want to participate in this special event and get an inside look at what it takes to run a homeless shelter.

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Tacoma Rescue Mission: What to Expect

Tacoma rescue mission: BusinessHAB.com

Tacoma rescue mission: When you volunteer with a nonprofit organization, you never quite know what to expect. It can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. The best way to ensure that your experience is positive from start to finish is by learning as much as you can about the organization before signing up to volunteer. We’ll break down everything you need to know about volunteering at Tacoma Rescue Mission so you can make an informed decision before signing on the dotted line.

What is the Tacoma Rescue Mission?

The Tacoma Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to individuals and families in need. TRM offers a variety of programs for men, women, and families with children of all ages. Some of the services TRM provides include shelter, food, and clothing. Volunteers are an essential part of TRM’s operations. They assist with daily operations, community outreach, and program services.

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How to Become a Volunteer with Tacoma Rescue Mission

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, you can start the application process online. Once you submit your application, you’ll be contacted for an interview. Be aware that the application process can take up to four weeks to complete. This is because TRM handles several applications per day. If you’re interested in volunteering at the TRM Shelter, you’ll need to attend a Shelter Orientation. This is a two-hour session where you’ll learn about the shelter, the team, and figure out which program best suits your interests. If you’re interested in the clothing pantry or community outreach, you’ll need to attend a different orientation. Please note that you can’t sign up for a specific orientation. It’s first come, first served based on when you submit your application.

What’s a typical day like for a TRM volunteer?

Every day is a little different as a TRM volunteer. Some days may involve sorting through donated items at the clothing pantry. Other days may involve serving meals to guests at the shelter. Some days you may even be assisting with a program. Regardless of the tasks involved, you’ll find that each day brings a new challenge and new opportunities to help others.

What are the requirements to volunteer at Tacoma Rescue Mission?

As with most volunteer organizations, the requirements to volunteer at Tacoma Rescue Mission vary based on the program you want to participate in. You must be at least 12 years old to volunteer at TRM. However, if you’re under 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign your volunteer contract. You also need to be able to commit to a regular schedule. This is important because it helps the organization plan program activities.

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Food Service Responsibilities

The food service team provides a hot meal for guests once per day. Volunteers help prepare and serve the meal. This is a team effort that requires you to work as a group to provide meals for the guests. You’ll also help with inventory and food prep. This may include cutting up vegetables, slicing bread, and making desserts.

Housekeeping Responsibilities

The housekeeping team is responsible for cleaning public spaces, like the dining room and restrooms. This includes cleaning the floors, counters, and furniture. You’ll also sort through donated clothes and items at the clothing pantry. This could include folding and putting away donated items. You may also help label clothing that’s been sorted.

Guest Services Responsibilities

The guest services team is responsible for helping guests. This means that you’ll need to attend to the needs of individuals staying at the shelter. You’ll need to provide daily cleaning, first aid, and mental health support. You may also need to assist with transporting guests. If you’re on the shelter team, you may be asked to help with administrative tasks. This could include answering phones, filing paperwork, and handling administrative tasks.

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Final words: Is volunteering at Tacoma Rescue Mission right for you?

Tacoma Rescue Mission is a great place to start your volunteer career. The organization offers several programs for individuals of all skill sets. Whether you want to work directly with guests or behind the scenes, TRM has a program for you. This nonprofit organization is committed to helping individuals. If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, TRM is a great place to start.

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