How to Improve wi fi test for Business

wi fi test: Wireless speed can drag for a variety of reasons including incorrect router configuration, device interference, and bandwidth throttling. To make your Comcast wireless connection faster, read these suggestions and tips.

Check your speed. Use Comcast Xfinity Speed Test to find out what your download and upload speeds actually are. This will be used as a diagnostic tool.

wi fi test

Test to see if your bandwidth is being limited. If your connection seems to drop off during peak hours or partway through downloads, Comcast may be throttling your bandwidth.

Find what speed you’re paying for. Compare the speeds you got from the test to the speed level which you’re paying for. You may have to call Comcast to find this out. You can also ask about possible throttling, if you discovered this during the previous step.

  • If you are getting the speed you’re paying for but find that this is too slow, you may want to upgrade.

    wi fi test

Make sure you have a secure wireless connection. Much like the above, if your neighbours are putting pressure on your bandwidth by using your internet, everyone will have slower internet.

Consider where you live. Some areas will simply have very slow internet. If you live in a major city, or a newer city, this should not be a problem. However, if you live in a rural area or an area which has not seen recent infrastructure updating, Comcast’s connection equipment may simply be dated. Call Comcast for more information.

  • Your location within a given room can make a difference too. Try moving next to the router. If your connection improves, you will know that your location was part of the problem.

    wi fi test

More tips

  • Also try installing a personal firewall to help block unwanted hackers and control what programs access the internet. Free firewalls include Comodo and Jetico.

  • If you have (or install) a secondary firewall, make sure to disable your computer’s default firewall. Running two firewalls at once will cause connection problems.

  • Make sure to turn off auto update of any software other than anti virus software on your PC. Schedule to get the downloads at a time when you are not working. This way your connection will remain active and you will continue to have updated software version as well.

    wi fi test

  • If you plan to download a large file, then do so with a download manager. That way even if lose the connection in the middle of a download, you do not have to start from scratch.
  • If you aren’t computer-savvy, avoid using VOIP (Voice over IP), which can cause problems.
  • Do not use a cable splitter, as this could degrade connection flow.
  • Use anti-virus/spyware programs to eliminate bandwidth hogging programs that use your internet. Free anti-virus programs include AVG, BitDefender, and Avast!, and free anti-spyware programs include Ad-Aware, Spybot – Search & Destroy, and SUPERAntiSpyware.


  • When in doubt, don’t change any settings you don’t know while configuring your router. Adjusting these incorrectly can disable your internet connection. It may also damage your connectivity.

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