10 Best Fiverr Common Support Worker Skills for Money Making

Fiverr worker: If you’re interested in becoming a support worker or are already are one, you may develop skills that can help you be more effective in the position. These skills may help you provide more effective care and better understand the needs of each individual patient. Learning about these skills may allow you to pursue specific courses of action or create goals for skill development. In this article, we provide a list of common support worker skills, discuss what they do and give some tips for becoming one.

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Fiverr worker

What does a support worker do?

The job responsibilities of support workers vary, as they often work with a team to provide care for many types of people who may require assistance. A support worker’s tasks may include:

  • Assisting with personal hygiene and dressing

  • Cooking meals for patients

  • Doing laundry and cleaning

  • Monitoring medication needs

  • Performing light housekeeping duties, such as dusting, vacuuming and window washing

  • Providing emotional support to patients and helping them cope with their conditions

  • Administering first aid and CPR

Fiverr worker

Here are 10 examples of support worker skills:

1. Assessing individual care needs

As a support worker in a sector such as mental health or social care, it may be important for you to assess individual patient needs within their current circumstances. You may study the differences between physical, cognitive, social and emotional care in relation to individual needs. To enable your patient to live as independently as possible, you may first identify their needs and then implement change that may meet those requirements. For example, an elderly patient with physical limitations may require more physical care than social or emotional care.

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2. Providing physical care

When providing physical care to individuals as a support worker, you may recognize the physical needs associated with specific illnesses or injuries, move patients who are incapable of moving themselves and administer first aid or medication. A common method for developing this skill involves completing an accredited training course in health care support work. For example, you may pursue a certificate in integrated health care practice or a certificate in health support work.

3. Performing health assessments

Health care assessments may be complex and require knowledge of data collection techniques, medical technology, communication skills and personal awareness. To develop health assessment skills as a support worker, you may work in a team where you can implement health assessment tools and techniques. You may learn to assess people’s capacity for moving, their coordination skills or their visual-motor skills.

4. Supporting personal development

Support workers may support personal development by providing resources, activities, coaching and feedback to help individuals improve skills or help them find work in a field of study or occupation. One method for facilitating personal development involves assisting in self-directed learning through supervision or training. Another strategy many support workers use involves creating specific goals for what development they would like to see their patients achieve.

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5. Providing educational support

To develop educational support skills, you may stay up to date with new research that supports the efficacy of different methods so that you can effectively assist individuals with their progress toward educational self-development. You may also establish specific educational goals for your patients, such as improving comprehension or testing abilities. For example, you may help an individual with ADHD develop goals that involve focusing on specific educational tasks for a certain amount of time.

6. Cooking

Support workers often have to prepare nutritious and healthy meals for the individuals they support. To develop your cooking skills, you may take a cooking class. Additionally, you may research the nutritional needs of individuals with specific conditions, such as gastroenteritis and Crohn’s disease.

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7. Administering first aid

Support workers often have the ability to administer CPR on a person who is unconscious or has stopped breathing and treat body injuries like cuts and bruises. They may also have skills related to specific procedures for responding to many types of emergency situations and mental health crises. To develop these skills, you may attend a first-aid, CPR or EMT course.

8. Treating chronic illnesses

Support workers often have the ability to create individualized care plans for individuals managing chronic illnesses. To develop these skills, you may learn techniques for helping people cope in emotional or physically painful situations, such as pain management, anxiety management and stress relief. You may also create a plan for follow-up visits and a review of progress with caregivers.

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9. Communicating effectively

Support workers often have well-developed interpersonal communication skills that help them communicate effectively with many types of patients. They may determine the best methods for communicating with individual patients, such as written, verbal or visual. To develop these skills, you may attend courses such as lectures in enhancing nonverbal communication and communicating thoughts, feelings and desires.

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10. Organizing and managing time well

Support workers often use organization and time management skills to care for several patients throughout each day or to complete certain care tasks efficiently. One of the best methods for time management involves setting specific goals for yourself to complete tasks within a certain amount of time. You may also use a calendar, daily planner or time management software program.

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