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Signs and designs: Signage is an essential part of many industries, as signs are tools for displaying key information to audiences. There are a variety of different types of professionals who use creativity, attention to detail and technology to plan and fabricate high-quality signs. If you’re skilled in design and communication, a job in the sign and graphics industry may be perfect for you. In this article, we discuss 30 different sign industry jobs and offer the national average salary of each to guide you in your career search.

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Signs and designs

If you have artistic skills, a career in graphic design may be right for you. Although some graphic designers choose to hone their skills in a formal environment by earning a degree in design, there are many graphic design roles that don’t have specific education requirements. If you have the skills and experience, there are several career paths in graphic design you can explore without spending time in a classroom. In this article, we review the different types of graphic design jobs you can get without a degree and explain their primary duties.

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What are Services that People Loved for Superb Work and Delivery?

Graphic design jobs are positions that involve creating or adjusting visual elements to evoke emotions or communicate ideas. Jobs in graphic design can involve designing all kinds of visual materials, from book covers to logos. People in graphic design positions may work independently or as part of a team to accomplish larger design projects. They use shape, colour, format, texture, movement and text to produce a cohesive image that represents their client’s goal for the project.

While hiring requirements for employers vary, here are some of the common graphic design positions you can get through practice, self-teaching and on-the-job training instead of a formal education:

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Signs and designs

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Signs and designs

1. Typesetter

Primary duties: A typesetter is a publishing professional responsible for the graphic design layout of text for publications. They can use physical wooden or metal blocks to arrange lettering or use typography software to configure the appropriate spacing, size and appearance of text on a page. Typesetters create custom visual features for text elements like book titles and advertisements. They also review how text appears on a page to maximize readability and enhance the visual appeal of a published layout in a magazine, book, print or webpage.

2. Sign maker

Primary duties: Sign makers design signs for customers based on their requests for colors, materials and design elements. They meet with customers to learn about their project, product pricing quotes, order materials, and prepare them for manufacturing. Sign makers can hand carve or paint designs, lettering and patterns into signs. They may also use computer graphics software and industrial machines or printers to mass-produce signs or sign elements.

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Signs and designs

3. Video editor

Primary duties: Video editors adjust video clips and add post-production design elements to video footage to enhance the imagery. They trim clips, add visual effects, remove visual imperfections, sync the footage to music, overlay graphics and add animations to existing video clips. Video editors are responsible for achieving a specific aesthetic appeal for the video using graphic elements, video clip transitions and other production effects. They may work on movies, shows, music videos, advertisements and other types of media.

4. Web designer

Primary duties: A web designer is in charge of designing a website’s visual elements. They use a combination of graphic design software and code to make images appear on a computer screen in a particular way. Web designers may draw logos and headers, select background images, choose color palettes, determine the best spacing for text, edit website content and write code to uphold the visual appeal of a website on both computer browser and mobile platforms.

Signs and designs

5. Graphic designer

Primary duties: Graphic designers create all kinds of visual materials including logos, signs, magazine layouts, advertisements, graphs, report templates and advertisements. They may specialize in a certain type of graphic design or provide general graphic design services for a client. They use traditional art forms like pencil, pen and paint alongside digital graphic design software to create design files that clients can print or upload to their website. Graphic designers determine the best placement of images and text on a page, adding placeholders so that clients can add their own content to template images.

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6. Illustrator

Primary duties: Illustrators produce drawn images to accompany written text. They design images that add context to books, technical manuals, articles and other pieces of writing that need enhancement from a visual aid. Illustrators can use any type of artistic media to produce their drawings or paintings, depending on the style their client wants. Some illustrators create images for their own writing, while others collaborate with writers on shared projects.

Signs and designs

7. Visual designer

Primary duties: Visual designers are graphic designers who focus on using images to create a cohesive identity or brand image. They determine which colors, shapes and design elements best represent a company’s brand identity and tell a compelling story about its products and services. Visual designers work to provide cohesive graphic design guidelines for all of a company’s deliverables, including website materials, product designs, logos and merchandise.

8. Freelance designer

Primary duties: Freelance graphic designers are self-employed individuals who work with clients to complete graphic design contracts. They manage their own website and portfolio, establish service rates, reach out to leads about potential jobs, set realistic timelines for projects and communicate with clients throughout the design process. Freelance designers send sketches to clients and ask for feedback to make adjustments, then update their designs to incorporate suggestions.

Signs and designs

9. Video game designer

Primary duties: Video game designers develop elements of video games including characters, props, environments and game mechanics. Some video game designers focus exclusively on the visual appearance of characters, video game levels and special effects, while others also work on the game’s code. Video game designers consider the theme and plot of the game to develop interesting visual elements and innovative designs to engage the player.

10. Photo retoucher

Primary duties: A photo retoucher is someone who edits, manipulates and enhances photographs to improve and change their appearance. They use design and photo editing software to make adjustments to how subjects look in photographs. Photo retouchers change the color, brightness and resolution of photos to improve their appearance. They may also add graphic design elements to the photographs or incorporate them into artworks and collage layouts.

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11. Production designer

Primary duties: A production designer leads the art department on a film, television or theater production set. These team members supervise film crew members and prepare locations, props and sets for each scene of the show. They collaborate with writers, producers and directors to establish and adhere to the overall visual aesthetic of a production as it relates to time period, setting, character arcs and other factors. At times, they’re responsible for designing and building signs and graphics to add to the set or for promoting the show.

Signs and designs

12. Event planner

Primary duties: An event planner coordinates the necessary resources, services and commodities to host an activity. Those in this role often handle the planning for large events like weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, family reunions, galas and award ceremonies. They may also prepare the arrangements for professional events like conferences, workshops, conventions, product launches and course programs. The primary duties of event planners usually include scouting and choosing locations, negotiating contracts with vendors, researching and hiring caterers, securing entertainment and inviting guests.

13. Industrial painter

Primary duties: An industrial painter is responsible for cleaning, painting and coating a diversity of industrial surfaces. They use paint to add color and protection to buildings, houses, cars, signs and equipment. These professionals are experts at knowing which types of paints to use on different materials like woods, plastics and metals. They use special tools like sprays, rollers and brushes to adhere paint correctly and they follow best practices to ensure safety when using harsh chemicals.

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14. Fabricator

Primary duties: A fabricator builds metal structures by slicing and assembling sheet metal. These professionals use industrial equipment, tools and technologies to make computerized designs and build parts and structures according to strict specifications from raw materials. Fabricators are responsible for creating signs like billboards and road signs. They also follow stringent requirements for safety when using heavy machinery and supplies.

Signs and designs

15. Office assistant

Primary duties: An office assistant performs a variety of clerical and administrative tasks in a business office environment. They often staff front information desks and answer phone calls, take messages and greet visitors. They may also develop and hang signs around the office, tidy up working areas and restock office supplies.

16. Artist

Primary duties: An artist uses paint or other materials to create visual artworks for clients. They apply the elements and principles of design to develop engaging, visually appealing compositions and tell stories with their work. Those in this role may create signage and murals in public places for cities and government organizations. These murals may commemorate events, illustrate aspects of the town or make other important statements to the public.

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17. Auto body technician

Primary duties: An auto body technician repairs, maintains and upgrades the external parts of cars, trucks and other vehicles. Their typical duties include inspecting vehicles for damage, ordering parts from factories and performing cosmetic adjustments. Auto body technicians may design and install text, logos and other promotional graphics on the sides of vans, buses and other vehicles for businesses. In addition, they may serve individual consumers by adding custom designs and wrapping to the exterior of cars.

Signs and designs

18. Merchandiser

Primary duties: A merchandiser manages all inventory at a retail store. They organize, shelve and display products in a logical, engaging way to maximize convenience for shoppers, attract customers and make sales. Those in this role are in charge of creating new, seasonal product displays to promote certain products. They also hang signage around the store to delineate areas, promote sales and discounts or provide other information.

19. Director of marketing

Primary duties: A director of marketing leads the marketing department and team of a company. They manage all efforts to promote an organization’s products and services, attract customers and generate revenue for the business. Directors of marketing supervise marketing and sales employees, create and implement campaigns and manage a variety of projects. Part of their campaigns may be to create and distribute signage like billboards, flyers and bus stop advertisements.

11 more jobs in the sign industry

Here are 11 more jobs in the sign industry.

20. Sign maker:

21. Installation technician

22. Store manager

23. Customer service representative

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Signs and designs

24. Copywriter

25. Senior operations analyst

26. Account manager

27. Print manager

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28. Facilities manager

29. Industrial designer

30. Project manager

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