How to Start Drink Business

How to Start Drink Business

How to Start Drink Business in Nigeria:You do not need to be glued to your television set to discover the many adverts put up buy companies that are into the manufacture of drinks. Some of the drinks mostly advertised on our screens are Red Bull, Lucozade Boost, La casera, Hollandia Milk, Power Horse, etc. A lot of money is spent by companies that are into the production of drinks. These moneys which run into millions of dollars are spent by these mega rich companies to advertise their products. The aim of these adverts is to make members of the general public aware of the existence of their products. Some of these companies go the extra mile by making use of very famous football stars to advertise their products. Usually this strategy helps the company to thrive on the fan base of these famous sports-men.

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If you are interested in going into the business of drink production, then you surely are venturing into a huge money making business. To throw further light on how marketable drinks are and how lucrative drink businesses are, think about this for a second. Every weekend in Nigeria and in many parts of Africa there are large parties. Some of this parties include weddings (traditional and white), birthday parties, social club meetings and a host of many others. Usually, all these parties are not complete without a lot of drinks made available.  These situation can be taken advantage of by anyone that is interested in the drink business. With a whole lot of parties going on every weekends, you are certain to always get regular bank alerts.

How exactly does the Drink Selling Business Function

Generally, liquids that are safe for consumption are referred to as drinks. However, for the sake of this article, the word “drinks” refers to soft drinks, beer and the likes.  There is a lot of money to be made if this business is ventured into by you with a well laid-out plan in addition to very good management abilities. Get to discover what your customers are interested in, and make ample supplies to them. To make it big in this business, you must always be ready to meet your customer’s demands whenever they need you especially during weekends. If you are able to constantly meet the demands of your customers, you are certain to always get good cash in return.

Various Ways Money Can be Made from the Business of Selling Drinks


Being the owner of a bar is one way to make money from the business of selling drinks. All you need to do is to rent a little store and make it comfortable for relaxation. You can make drinks available to those that come around to relax. If you intend on being very successful as a bar owner, you should get a television set. A feature that is certainly going to bring more customers to your store is if your television set has access to cable stations. Although not everyone has the financial muscles to pull this through. However, if you do, make it happen and watch customers troop to your bar to relax.


As an owner of a mini store, you basically need a deep freezer, different brands of drinks and a generator set to run this business. If you want to attract lots of customers, always ensure that your drinks are chilled. This business is very viable because of the hot nature of the weather in Nigeria. Passers- by and people in your locality will always come around to get cold drinks because of the hot weather.

A Little Drink Depot

In a little drink depot, drinks are supplied in crates by companies that produce them. This supply from the companies to the depots are usually done in considerably small quantities. To make money from this business, you in-turn supply to clients such as store owners, bar owners, and those having social gatherings.

How to Start Drink Business

Big Drink Depot

This is quite similar to the little drink depot. In this kind of business, drinks are supplied by companies to the depot. This supply is usually done in very large quantities. The owner of the depot then goes on to supply to smaller depots, stores, bars and events. Although, owning a large depot is very capital intensive, it is an opportunity to get rich.

Requirements to Set-up a Drink Business

Get to Understand the Business

Although, this business looks quite easy, it is not entirely easy. There are lots of things to be learnt before starting-out with this business. Some of the things that should be learnt are how to purchase the drinks you want to sell. Also worthy to be learnt are the type of products that are loved by people and the most marketable products.

How to Start Drink Business

How to Carry-out this business

To carry out this business venture successfully, you should have a strategy and a target market. You might have to choose between selling directly to individuals in single bottles and selling to organizers of social events.

How do You Purchase Your Drinks

The exact point you purchase your drink is hugely dependent on how big your business is. If you own a store or a bar, you will have to purchase your drinks from a small depot or a big depot. However, if you are the owner of a small depot you can either buy drinks from a big depot or directly from the manufacturers. As a big depot owner, you have no choice but to purchase drinks directly from the manufacturers.

How to Start Drink Business

Get Employees

As the business grows, you might no longer be able to do all the job alone. At this point, you will have to get people to work with you. Their job description should range from helping to sell drinks to customers to going to wherever you buy drinks to make orders. Ensure those you employ are good mannered and hard working. These attributes will be vital for the growth of your business.


You should get a means of moving your goods around. If you cannot afford a bus or car, you could get a special tricycle.


Going to the manufacturers of products in person is not a must. You could get drinks just buy dialing numbers.

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  1. I feel so blessed to come across blog. Its so inspiring. I really want to start a mini deport of both beer and soft drink. I dont know if 500,000 will be enough. I need feedback pls.

  2. May God continue to bless the writer of this particular blog. I feel so much happy to come across this write up. Basically, i had a plan to invest into soft drinks business, i have 1.5m. please which category do you think i will belong with this amount of money? Can i open mini depot with aforemention amount of money?

  3. Thanks for the write up is really motivating. Am an awaiting corper I want to know if it’s possible for me to start up this business with the amount of 50000-10000.

  4. This is really what i needed, please can i have the business plan about selling these drinks in small depot, thank you

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