How to Start CCTV Installation Business

CCTV installation business: I will be considering how to start CCTV installation business in Nigeria today. A Close Circuit Television (CCTV) camera is a technological means of security. This is used to ascertain safety. It is also used fro controlling the display of corrupt attitudes. An example being theft. The full meaning of CCTV is (Closed Circuit Television).

This security means is usually installed at strategic locations of a particular environment or establishment such as shopping mall, supermarket, banks, church etc. from the word ‘camera’ it captures the activities that go on around the place it is installed.

cctv installation business:
cctv installation business

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The managers or owners of the places where CCTV camera is installed have the opportunity of grasping the various activities that go on within the jurisdiction of the coverage. This camera will protect the area it is installed to cover from harm robbers who may want to attack the property or the people around the place.

The good part of this invention is that it no more limited to big firms and organisations like it use to be individuals and families can now use it. The under listed steps will guide you in setting up a CCTV business that will turn your life around.

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How to start cctv installation business in Nigeria

In establishing this business, the first question you need to ask yourself is that “will I be able to attend to my customers as often times as they need me?” one your answer to this question is “yes” then you are good to go, this question is very important to ask because your client would always want to feel safe from danger and they may need you as many times as they observe any problem with the installed camera, then  you need to always be ready to answer their calls so that you can keep a long term business relationship with them and this will certainly make them advertise you to their friends, colleagues, families and many more people which will definitely put good cash in your pocket.

cctv installation business

CCTV Installation business might just be the business your life has been waiting for to free you from the hustling and bustling of 8.00am to 5.00pm jobs, the beginning might be a little bit demanding as you may need to learn one or two basics technical training that will allow you become the master of the service you render but the truth of the matter is that venturing into this business will suddenly change your financial life and make you financially free.

CCTV Installation business  is one business that adds to your prestige

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A note-worthy aspect of CCTV Installation business

As a result of the credit possessed by this business, you will need to consider getting a business permit, license and a practising certification. It is important for you to know that the body in charge of the delivery of this service is putting up a measure that regulates the activities that surrounds this invention in order not to abuse its course because, there is the need to curtail the folks with questionable habits who may want to take advantage of this new age invented means of security to siphon or endanger people.

Another note-worthy thing that should make you try out this great business is the singular fact that everybody on earth wants to feel secured both men, women, young, old, the rich and even the poor desire to be well secured.

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cctv installation business

CCTV Camera is not only installed to checkmate intruders and theft acts but also to control an intending fire outbreak in a building or an environment before it boomerangs to an uncontrollable incident.

Security cameras and alarm systems are installed in buildings to checkmate burglars and intruders. On the other hand, alarm systems could also be used to prevent or guard against any incidence of fire outbreak from its beginning stages prior to it becoming an emergency situation.

If you have decided to start your own CCTV Installation business, the following steps will guide you in setting up this money spinning business.

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A sample business template to start CCTV Installation business

 A comprehensive feasibility study

In any business one chooses to establish, it is very pertinent to first carry out a feasibility study, the followings are to base the feasibility study upon:

1. Carry out a research on the business by contacting the people that are already in it for some time

2. Identify the kind of people that will mostly need your service

3. do a rough sketch of the cost to set it up then a properly outlined cost

4. find out how you can get trained to become the master of your service

5. find out what it will cost you to get the necessary documents to avoid unnecessary embarrassment in the future

all these steps will help you have an idea of what you are about venturing into and will fix your focus on the needful which will, in turn, make you realise your dream as a business owner.

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cctv installation business

Training and Certification

There is no magic in becoming an expert of what you do, the simple and inevitable way to achieve that is by tending towards learning the nitty-gritty of the business you have chosen to set up, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get yourself trained, all you need do is do your findings and get the address of where you can be trained effectively, you can search the internet for this and you will be surprised that there is enough useful information waiting for you. Also, you can chat with some individuals such as friends, relatives, colleagues or even your neighbor in the next flat can just possess an ample information on what you are looking for, the antidote for this is that you should not close your mouth when you are supposed to speak up, people may not reveal to us the stuff they are made of until you approach them and ask them question and you will surprise the kind of positive response you will get from them. The technical know-how is very important in setting up this business and if you are a graduate or a student of electrical engineering, you stand a better chance in the business because you would have some prior knowledge of how activities are run in. however; going for a short term training to learn some other few things that you might not have been thought in school will be a great way of starting off.

cctv installation business

Your business plan

A business that is set up in abstract may suffer a lot of storms because every business has its own place of challenges but by the time you write your business plan, you would have penned down some factors that can make or mar your business and once this is done, what you do is to guide against any future loss and keep your head above any forthcoming challenge. Your business plan is the map on which your business navigate through and land safely, it is the vehicle that conveys your business for a smooth ride so you have to pay attention to it, in respect to this, certain things you need to jot down is: your needed start -up capital, how to source for your client, marketing for your business, transportation cost to your clients place, how you want your business to run and other things you deem necessary.

cctv installation business

Registering your business and getting licensed

It is a general belief that a registered business with the appropriate agency presents a business as an authentic, genuine and reputable one, it is not until you have a whole lot of money before you can get your business registered. With about N15000, you can get your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Registering your business will portray you to corporate bodies as a serious and efficient business man/woman and you can just be on your way to a permanent financial lack.

Raising Your Capital for start up

It is certain that there are lots of business one can do without little.

Or at no cost but that is not true with the CCTV Installation business.

CCTV business is a large and profit pooling business.

Hence; it is expedient for you to have some reasonable amount of money to start up your business with.

However, you don’t have to exhibit fear or panic.

You need to carry the spirit of ‘I can’ let it settle within you.

That you can achieve your goals and achievable.

And let your watchword be “Quitters never win and winners never quit” .

cctv installation business

There are different ways by which you can raise the capital for your business.

Definitely your immediate family members can be a great tool for this.

With a humble and futuristic discussion with some of your family members.

You can be surprised that there can be two.

Or three persons in your family cycle that are ready to finance your dream business.

And if you don’t want to go through your relatives, you can surely approach some banks.

You won’t believe there are some banks that are more than willing to give loan.

To upcoming business people with low-interest rate.

cctv installation business

Do your findings, walk into the banking hall.

And present your business proposal and get things done.

Another way by which you can raise the needed capital for your business.

It is by identifying some philanthropist around you.

You will be amazed that some people are just willing to bring up people.

That desire to own a business which may be as a loan or as a giveaway.

Office/Location for your business

cctv installation business

You should, of course, know that you need an office that can be easily located by your client so they don’t regard you as a ghost business man/woman. The feature of the office must be a good look, comfortable to receive visitors and clients, and most importantly, the location of your office must be at a strategic place where everyone will be able to catch a glimpse of what you do in a twinkling of an eye.

Marketing and promoting your business

cctv installation business

There is no limit to how much you can market yourself and your business, there are various ways by which you can market and promote your business. First, you can print some well-detailed flyers, business cards to hand out to people as you move around. With your business cards and flyers, you can take a step further to visit some corporate bodies and firms introducing your service to them (bear in mind that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed). Also, some individuals in your environment can be a good networking agent for you, by the way, and manner you approach them, they can make it a point of duty to pull some cash for in your pocket and they too might be interested in having a CCTV camera installed for them in their houses.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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