12 Ways to Start Street Corner Fruit Business

Street corner fruit business: If you wish you had a little more money in your pocket, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, you have a variety of options when it comes to making money.

Doing odd jobs is a quick and easy way to earn money.

Similarly, reselling items or selling items you make can earn you extra cash.

As another option, earn money online by writing a blog, freelancing, or doing online surveys.

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1. Street corner fruit business background

Ensure that it is ripe and washed. Have a sign stating such, as reassurance for buyers.

You might also consider selling smoothies or fruit juices made from some of the fruit.

As an additional way to obtain some money.

Of course, you’ll need a blender or juicer and electricity for that.

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2. Work in a high traffic area.

  • Is there a high traffic area in your town, where you’re likely to come across lots of people? Centrally locating yourself at a park or town square will maximize the traffic for your sales.
  • If you’re selling food, an office park can be an excellent idea during lunch hours.
  • If you’re selling goods, a farmer’s market or street fair is likewise smart as a way of distinguishing your jewelry or sculptures from the food of the other vendors.

Street corner fruit business

3. Make sure your desired location isn’t in a restricted area.

  • Just because it may be a great location to sell things doesn’t make it legal.
  • You’ll need to register with the county clerk and research available locations that are zoned for commerce before you start doing any selling on the street. See Step Three below for more information.

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4. Don’t inhibit other vendors or businesses.

  • Likewise, playing music just around the corner from another musician will cut down on both of your operations. Make sure you’re out of earshot of anyone else trying to be heard.
  • The most convenient place, though, isn’t necessarily the best. Your front yard would be a great place to sell your apples, but not if you live on a county road no one drives down. Your neighbors will only buy so many before they’re as sick of them as you are.

Street corner fruit business

5. Get the correct licenses and permits.

  • Sales tax permits are required from your local and state government revenue agencies.
  • A food handler’s permit is necessary if you’re planning on selling food products, which means you’ll have to take the food handler’s test, usually available online.
  • A business license from the city or county clerk’s office is required.
  • Additional location-specific vendor permits may be required. Check with both the city clerk’s office and with any organizers you might be working with, including the farmers’ market or festival organizers you may be working with.

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6. Make sure what you’re selling is legal.

  • Obviously selling illegal drugs is…well, illegal, but what about selling pickles at a music festival? What about selling your chicken eggs in used cartons? Hidden regulations govern all sorts of food items, so you need to be very careful about checking for your state’s laws. Washington state, for instance, does not allow eggs to be sold in used containers, but Idaho does.
  • Pets are commonly sold, but you need to make sure they’re registered and legal animals. No selling endangered turtles or reptiles, for instance.
  • Copyrighted material including movies and music can get you into Federal trouble if you’re selling it. Don’t sell any pirated music or movies unless it was created by you or you have the express permission of the creator to sell it.

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7. Determine your overhead.

  • It seems like a fun idea to be self-employed, working your own hours, but will it be cost-effective?
  • Keep track of your expenses. Like a brick-and-mortar business, street sales depend upon good financial practices.
  • If you’re selling $200 bucks worth of ice-cream a day, that’s great, but not if you’re spending $300 on organic milk.

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Street corner fruit business

8. Price your goods or services appropriately.

  • After calculating your expenses, price your products so that you’ll profit.
  • Don’t forget to calculate the cost of labor. Your time is one of the biggest expenses you have in street sales. Account for it. In the beginning, you may make less than you hope, so you’ll have to balance out what’s possible to sell and what’s possible to make.

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9. Brand yourself.

  • What’s your story? Even though you’re not going to be paying for prime-time commercials like Pepsi, it’s still helpful to give some thought to the way you present yourself to the consumer.
  • If you’re a mother-daughter jewelry operation, name your business something that resonates with that experience.
  • Consider promotional tactics, like buy-on-get-one-free sales to get the word out about your delicious tostadas, or play open-mic nights to let everyone know you’ll be busking for dimes during the music festival next weekend.
  • Free business cards are available online. Print some up with your contact information and a description of your business.

Street corner fruit business

10. Use good business practices.

  • Customer service is where a business fails or succeeds. Even if you’ve got the best wood carvings in the tri-State area, nobody will buy them if you treat their presence like an inconvenience.
  • Consider what to do if someone doesn’t like your product. What if your perfect caricature, which you’ve just spent an hour laboring over, makes the customer mad? Will you try to make them pay? Will you offer to draw another one free, losing out on the cost of materials?
  • Consider possible no-win scenarios to practice before you have to confront an uncomfortable scenario.

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11. Dress the part.

  • Your appearance should match the customer’s expectation of the service. If you’re selling food, you need to look clean.
  • Even if you’re playing dirty blues on the street corner, make sure you look like you’re supposed to be doing it. Wearing cargo shorts and a basketball jersey might be a strange choice.
  • Hygiene is your first concern. If you’re handling food, make sure you’ve got hand-washing materials available at your booth.

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12. Street corner fruit business

  • Encourage friends or family to provide advertisements, such as poster boards, signs, etc.

    • Try to avoid working by yourself. Individual vendors can be targets for theft or violence. There’s safety in numbers, so find a business partner. Go through your attic, or used storage area. Collect old junk that you could make a fortune out of.

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