10 Top ideas to Start Fish Cookery Business

10 Top ideas to Start Fish Cookery Business

10 Top ideas to Start Fish Cookery Busines: Fish are the gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits.

Do you need a business to start with? If yes, these are 10 business ideas for fish cookery.

Fish cookery business is a business that is very lucrative in every part of the world not only in Nigeria.

It is a produce needed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians

It is one of the first class protein needed by humans.

Fish cookery business is the type of business one can start with low amount of money. Less experience. And low labour. But before starting any fish cookery business, you need to know the following tips.

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Classes of Fish:

There are three classes of fish these are:

(i)Oily or fat fish:

This type of fish has fat distributed all over its body. Example all kinds of herrings, mackerel, all kinds of sea bream and salmon.

Oily fish generally has dark-looking flesh due to the presence of oil between the fibers.

(ii) White or lean fish:

Most of the fat is deposited in the liver and not between the fibers. The oil from the livers of some large fish is extracted and sold for medicinal use. Example cod-liver oil or halibut-liver oil.


It has a protective covering of shell. There are two kinds:

  • Crustaceans: E.g. crab, lobster crayfish, and shrimps.
  • Molluscs: eg snail, oysters, mussels.

Choice of fish for cookery business:

.Fresh fish has no unpleasant smell.

.The eyes should be prominent and bright.

.The scales should be bright, shinning and plentiful.

.The gills should be bright red.

.The flesh should be firm, not flabby and the body should be stiff.

Fish is cheapest and best when in season. But just what is needed for a short period if no refrigerator is available. Because fish decomposes quickly in a hot climate.

Fish Cookery Business Fish Cookery Business Fish Cookery Business

Preparing fish for cookery business

  1. Get any type of fish that you want from the list above.
  2. Cover the table with newspaper or any sheet of clean paper. This is to protects the table and the scales
  3. Handle the fish carefully.
  4. Cutoff the fins and trim the tail with a pair of scissors kept specially for use in the kitchen or use a sharp knife. But it tends to damage the flesh if care is not taken.
  5. Remove the scales by scraping from the tail towards the head with a kitchen knife.
  6. Reserve the roes if any, wrap entrails and scales up in the paper and dispose them off immediately, as the smell quickly attract flies.
  7. Wash the fish thoroughly, but do not allow to soak, as soaking makes it soft.
  8. Rub a little salt on the inside to remove the black skin. Rub half a line all over the fish to remove the fishy smell. Rinse quickly in hot water.
  9. Dry with a cloth. Cut up and season with salt, pepper, and other ingredients. Fish may sometime be cooked whole if they are small.
  10. The head should be thoroughly washed and rinsed because it is slimy. Rub inside with lime.

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